March 05, 2020


By Bey Azura

Knitwear: A Timeless Fashion Staple

Knitwear has been a beloved part of fashion for centuries, evolving from handmade garments to runway staples. As we embrace the versatility and comfort of knits, let's explore their rich history, current trends, styling tips, care instructions, and the celebrities who love them.

The History of Knitwear

Knitwear dates back to ancient civilizations, with some of the earliest examples found in Egypt. Originally, knitting was a practical craft used to create warm clothing, particularly in colder climates. By the 14th century, knitting guilds were established in Europe, and the craft began to flourish.

During the 20th century, knitwear saw significant transformations. The 1920s brought the introduction of machine-knitted garments, making knitwear more accessible. Designers like Coco Chanel popularized knitwear in high fashion, integrating it into chic, everyday attire. The 1950s and 60s saw knitwear become a staple in casual and sportswear, with icons like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe showcasing its elegance.

Knitwear Trends

1. Chunky Knits
- Statement Pieces:Chunky knit sweaters and cardigans are perfect for making a statement. Their thick, textured appearance adds depth and interest to any outfit.
- Warmth and Comfort: Ideal for colder months, chunky knits provide exceptional warmth and coziness.

2. Cable Knits
- Classic Patterns: Cable knit designs are timeless, offering intricate patterns that add a touch of sophistication to knitwear.
- Versatility: Available in sweaters, scarves, and hats, cable knits can be dressed up or down.

3. Fine Gauge Knits
- Lightweight Elegance: Fine gauge knits are perfect for layering, offering a lightweight option that can be worn year-round.
- Office Ready: These knits are often seen in professional settings, providing a polished look that is comfortable and stylish.

4. Knit Dresses
- Chic and Comfortable: Knit dresses combine style with comfort, making them a popular choice for various occasions.
- Seasonal Versatility: Depending on the weight of the knit, these dresses can transition seamlessly from winter to spring.

How to Wear Knitwear

1. Layering
- Over Shirts: Pair a chunky knit sweater over a collared shirt for a preppy, layered look.
- Under Jackets: Fine gauge knits work well under blazers or leather jackets, adding warmth without bulk.

2. Mixing Textures
- With Denim: Knitwear pairs beautifully with denim, creating a casual yet stylish outfit.
- With Leather: Combining soft knits with leather pieces adds an edgy contrast to your ensemble.

3. Accessories
- Scarves and Hats: Knit scarves and hats are not only functional but also add a cozy touch to any outfit.
- Knit Bags: A trendy addition to the knitwear family, knit bags are making a statement in the fashion world.

How to Take Care of Knitwear

1. Washing
- Hand Wash: Whenever possible, hand wash your knitwear to prevent damage. Use cold water and a gentle detergent.
- Machine Wash: If machine washing is necessary, use a delicate cycle and place the garment in a mesh laundry bag.

2. Drying
- Lay Flat to Dry: Avoid hanging knitwear, as this can cause stretching. Instead, lay the garment flat on a towel to dry.
- Avoid Direct Sunlight: Drying knitwear in direct sunlight can cause fading and damage to the fibers.

3. Storing
- Fold, Don’t Hang: Always fold knitwear to maintain its shape. Hanging can lead to stretching and misshaping.
- Moth Protection: Use cedar balls or lavender sachets in your storage area to protect knitwear from moths.

Celebrities and Knitwear

1. Taylor Swift
- Known for her cozy and chic knitwear looks, Taylor Swift often sports oversized sweaters and cardigans, especially in her "Folklore" and "Evermore" eras.

2. Harry Styles
- Harry Styles has popularized the grandpa cardigan, wearing colorful and patterned knitwear pieces that have inspired many fashion enthusiasts.

3. Gigi Hadid
- Gigi Hadid frequently incorporates knitwear into her street style, showcasing everything from knit dresses to chunky sweaters.

4. Chris Evans
- The actor famously wore a cable-knit sweater in the movie "Knives Out," sparking a renewed interest in classic knitwear pieces.

In conclusion, knitwear is a timeless and versatile addition to any wardrobe. From its rich history to modern trends, knitwear continues to evolve, offering endless possibilities for style and comfort. By following proper care instructions and drawing inspiration from celebrities, you can enjoy your knitwear pieces for years to come.