A blazer is a formal piece to complete many uniforms. They are mostly known to be uncomfortable, not so well made but tolerated to look sharp in the work place.

However, a well tailored women's blazers can transform your outfit. Blazer is a game changer whether you wear it with casual or feminine, it can make you look dressy or polished. Even better, it has the magic touch to make a few pounds disappear on you.


The key is to get the blazer look like your second skin. Nothing is more versatile and flattering than wearing a blazer fit you like it's custom made for you. The right cut and shape enhances your figure. You can think of your silhouette as a picture and the blazer as a frame. Therefore the frame must be perfectly made to fit the picture. Here are some keys to get the perfect blazer when you are shopping:

First of all, blazer should be fitted on the shoulder. Not tight or stretched. You should still feel comfortable in blazer but if it is too big on the shoulders, it will not look right by giving the illusion of a bigger silhouette. You definitely not want this.

We know there are many blazer styles and cuts today with evolving fashion but the most proper blazer look requires its hem skims your hipbone. It is your personal taste and choice to whether go for a longer oversized fit or a cropped fit for different occasions. But pay attention to this detail if you are shopping for that one must-have classic blazer.

In a world of many different kinds of blazers, another classic rule is the length of the sleeves. In order to see if blazer sleeves are perfect for you, you need to lift your arms straight in front of you. The blazer sleeves should hit mid-thumb. 

And lastly, another tip for the perfect blazer is to make sure when you button the blazer, the fabric doesn't pull. The blazer should retain its silhouette at all times; buttoned or unbuttoned. 

If you are not a fashion risk taker and want to make sure you look on point at all times when you decide to wear a blazer, make sure you follow these steps. you won't be disappointed.


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